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Melody McGuire, B.S., A.A.

Ms. Melody's career in early childhood education and care is well rounded.   She was born in Atlanta, Georgia and has served in facilities, professional organizations and colleges in Indianapolis, Indiana and Cincinnati, Ohio in an array of early childhood positions.  The passion that Ms. Melody has for early childhood education, advocacy and care allows her to be an inspirational pillar in the field of early childhood education. When Ms. Melody shares about the importance of being authentic and connecting to a mission, vision or goal it is well received.

Ms. Melody has the ability to connect with others very well.  She has been called a "Baby Whisperer", the "Child's Bestfriend" , "A Caregiver and Parent's Extended Sister" and the "Teacher's Teacher".   Ms. Melody has the ability to make complex challenges simple and shows kindness towards children, parents, educators and the community.  She is an influential thought-leader and invoking speaker.  Ms. Melody actively engages people when speaking and inspires others to reach their fullest potential.   

Ms. Melody is available for facilitation of trainings, speaking engagements and mentoring for early childhood educators serving children directly in a classroom or home environment settings.  She has extensive experience with facility marketing, family engagement and partnership,  strategic business planning and also program development.  Ms. Melody's niche' is early childhood!

​Ms. Melody is a dynamic s​peaker and freely shares her story!  Watch the video as it was streamed on several platforms. NOTE: You must watch the video directly on the YouTube App.

What She Does​

Early Childhood Educators

Circle Time

Ms. Melody frequently hosts a room called the "Early Childhood Educators Circle Time" exclusively on the ISO platform Clubhouse: Drop-in audio application.


Ms. Melody is a participating author for the anthology book "The Purpose Driven Provider" . To purchase your copy click here!

Bedtime Soul Stories

Ms. Melody reads books to inspire children, parents and caregivers.  She focuses on personal character development, new word recognition, increasing value and having fun.

Ms. Melody is a premier ECE  Facilitation & Training Coach!​

Ms. Melody helps self-directed people and referred early childhood educators to enhance their career goals, classroom learning environments, childcare facilities and overall professional development. She adds value to childcare programs by consulting teachers and providing coaching.  

Did you know that Ms. Melody is also a Life Coach?  She believes that her time spent with children helped her to understand adults.

Ms. Melody is the mastermind behind The Early Childhood Education and Care Center.

The Early Childhood Education and Care Center is a place for educational resources, lesson plan ideas, literature, and professional development training.

The Early Childhood Education and Care Center welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and provide you with the best service possible in this industry for your teachers, program managers, and directors concerned about classroom management.

Contact Ms. Melody for educational resources, lesson plan ideas, literature, training needs, or anything that you feel should be researched for the betterment of children. She is committed to ensuring that the lives of children and families are better because of the services that you provide!

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What She's Done

School Builder For Children​

2o years of serving in early childhood education:

Executive Leadership; 4 years

Consulting and Training; 3 years

Management and Directorship; 5 years

Classroom Management and Teaching; 8 years

Child Development and Classroom Instruction

Creates, prepares, and reviews developmental milestones and lesson plans to leverage children's learning and zone of proximal development;  IEP's and ISFP's included. 

Solution Based Results and Respect for Children

Improves the expansion of learning, evidence-based data, the value of the child's experience, and significant assessments of classrooms and standards for business.

Early Educational Programmer, Development and Researcher

Brings value to instruction, facility management, community support and training on child development.

Provider of  Curriculum Development and Resources

Expert with training for nationally  accredited programs & quality rating improvement systems. 

Supporter of Continuing Education

Martin University, Indianapolis, Indiana

Early Childhood Education, B.S., 

Atlanta Technical College, Atlanta, Georgia

Early Childhood Education and Care, A.A.

Infant and Toddler Specialist, T.C.C.

Program Administration, T.C.C.

Ms. Melody's Volunteerism

Ms. Melody is the Project Administrator for Not One More: Promoting Maternal Health and Preventing Maternal Mortality.

The Not One More: Promoting Maternal Health and Preventing Maternal Mortality Project is an endeavor to support pregnant Black women, their babies, and fathers in central Indiana. The project focuses on disparate maternal outcomes for Black women in target zip codes of Indianapolis, Indiana, and throughout the state. It promotes support through guidance to restore confidence in the Black women's child birthing experience with a greater sense of community engagement.

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Did you know that Ms. Melody enjoys serving children, their families and the community uninhibited?  Did you know that she only accepts donations for her early childhood development program services?  Though her efforts are admirable; it does cost.  During times such as this pandemic Ms. Melody also personally knows the challenges families are having.  We admonish you to partner with her in these efforts to delivery quality programming for young children.  Your donation will help a child, their family, school and community at large to smile and enjoy fun times led by her.  Please click on any donate button to become a support of Ms. Melody! 

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The Zumbini™ program is designed to stimulate learning, inspire dance and movement, and strengthen the bond between parent and child.

ENCORE... "Zumbini with Ms. Melody"

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